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"Angel" Lashes vs. Classic Lashes: Which Is Best?

Updated: May 9

Angel lash extensions Cleveland, Ohio
Angel Lashes

Lash extensions are a popular way to enhance the appearance of natural lashes, giving them added length, volume, and curl. Among the most natural types of lash extensions are traditional classic lashes, as well as a style that has become known as the "angel" set. Which is best? Well, while both can provide similar results, angel lashes offer some unique benefits that make them the superior choice for many people.

One major advantage of the angel set is that it provides a soft, natural-looking result that's feather-light. The application process involves attaching multiple (typically 4-5) extremely lightweight lash extension fibers to each natural lash to create a beautiful, airy, "angelic" finish. Classic lash extensions involve attaching a single, heavier lash extension to each natural lash, which—while still pretty and natural-looking—can result in a denser feel and finish in comparison. Because angel sets are created using lighter, finer lashes, they are the most comfortable option. This makes them great for those with sensitive eyes, those who have a history of picking at their eyelash extensions, or for those who are just interested in the ultimate lightweight feel.

Brown classic lash extensions Cleveland, Ohio
Classic Lashes

The fact that the angel set requires approximately four to five extensions on each natural lash also means that they tend to last longer than your standard classic set. How? Wrapping. Wrapping refers to a method of attachment in which a bundle of multiple extensions is carefully manipulated to wrap completely around the base of the natural lash. Since classic lashes are applied in a 1:1 ratio, wrapping isn't possible—they must simply be placed on each lash with only one point of adhesion. Angel lashes, however, are able to be maneuvered in a way that allows the base of the extension bundle to "open" around the natural lash to adhere to it from all sides. This, in combination with the lightweight nature of the lashes used, allows them to stay on throughout the entire growth cycle of each natural lash rather than popping off prematurely.

Overall, while classic lashes and angel lashes both provide a stunning, natural-looking enhancement, I advise most people who are interested in classic lashes to try out the angel set, as there are various benefits that may ultimately make it the better choice.

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