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Essential Supplies & Equipment for Starting a Lash Business

The 16 Pieces of Supplies or Tools Required to Provide Lash Extension Services

If you’re considering opening a lashing business or an eyelash salon, equipping yourself with the right tools and equipment is one of the most crucial aspects. Here are 15 pieces of equipment and supplies needed to provide lash services:


Stock up on various lash extensions in different lengths, thicknesses, curls, and materials to cater to diverse client preferences. From classic silk lashes to voluminous faux mink extensions, having a versatile selection ensures you can create customized looks for every client.

Lash Extension Adhesives

The cornerstone of any lash business, high-quality lash extension adhesives are essential for secure and long-lasting lash applications. Look for adhesives that are specifically formulated for professional use, hypoallergenic, and offer a suitable drying time for your skill level.

Isolation Tweezers

Precision is key when isolating natural lashes during the application process. Invest in high-quality isolation tweezers with fine tips and a comfortable grip to ensure accurate and efficient lash isolation, resulting in clean and flawless extensions.

Application Tweezers

Choose a set of application tweezers tailored to your preferred lash application technique, whether it's classic, volume, or hybrid. Fine-tipped tweezers with a slight curvature offer optimal control and maneuverability, allowing for seamless lash placement.

Lash Adhesive Trays

Organize your lash adhesive and facilitate precise application with dedicated lash adhesive trays. These trays provide a convenient and controlled environment for dipping lash extensions into the adhesive, ensuring consistent and efficient application. Choose trays with shallow wells and a stable base to prevent spills and minimize waste. Utilizing lash adhesive trays can streamline your workflow and maintain optimal adhesive consistency throughout your lash extension sessions.

Lash Palettes or Trays

With lash palettes or trays, you can keep your lash extensions organized and easily accessible. Whether you choose disposable trays or reusable ones, these are used to distribute and organize lashes during application.

Eye Pads or Gel Patches

Ensure client comfort and protect the delicate under-eye area during lash application with high-quality eye pads or gel patches. Look for hypoallergenic and lint-free options that adhere securely without causing irritation or discomfort.

Micropore Tape

Micropore tape is a versatile tool for securing lower lashes and creating a clean working area around the eyes. Choose a gentle and hypoallergenic tape that adheres securely without pulling or tugging on the skin.

Lash Cleanser

Prepare the lashes for application with a gentle and effective lash cleanser. This essential step removes any residue, oils, or debris from the natural lashes, ensuring optimal adhesion and longevity of the lash extensions. Choose a specially formulated lash cleanser that is gentle on the skin and lashes yet powerful enough to cleanse and prime the lash surface for seamless application. Incorporating a lash cleanser into your pre-application routine promotes hygiene and ensures a clean canvas for flawless lash extensions.

Height and Brightness-Adjustable LED Lamp

Use a height-adjustable LED lamp to illuminate your workspace with precision and clarity. This essential tool provides customizable lighting options to ensure optimal visibility during lash application. With adjustable height settings and directional lighting capabilities, you can easily position the lamp to illuminate your work area from various angles, enhancing accuracy and precision in your lash designs.

Hygrometer and Thermometer

Use a hygrometer and thermometer to maintain optimal humidity and temperature levels in your lash studio. Monitoring these factors ensures consistent adhesive performance and creates a comfortable environment for you and your clients.

Sanitization Supplies

Prioritize hygiene and sanitation by stocking up on disinfectants, alcohol wipes, and disposable applicators to clean and sterilize your tools and workstations between clients. Additionally, consider investing in a UV sterilizer for thorough equipment disinfection.

Client Consultation Forms

Prepare comprehensive client consultation forms to gather essential information about your clients' medical history, allergies, and desired lash preferences. Use these forms to assess client eligibility for lash extensions and tailor your services to their needs.

Lash Bed

A comfortable and supportive lash bed is essential for providing clients a relaxing and luxurious experience during lash appointments. Look for a bed with a cushioned surface and adjustable features to accommodate clients of different heights and preferences. A sturdy and stable lash bed ensures client comfort and allows you to work precisely and easily.

Adjustable Stool

Invest in an ergonomic and height-adjustable stool to support proper posture and reduce fatigue during long lash sessions. Choose a stool with a padded seat and swivel capabilities for flexibility and mobility around your workstation. An adjustable stool allows you to customize your seating position for optimal comfort and productivity throughout the day.

Cart or Table for Supplies

Keep your workspace organized and clutter-free with a dedicated cart or table for storing and organizing your lash supplies as you work. Choose a cart or table with multiple shelves or compartments to accommodate adhesive, lashes, tools, and other essentials within easy reach. A portable and versatile storage solution ensures you have everything you need close at hand, streamlining your workflow and enhancing efficiency.

Investing in high-quality supplies and creating a well-equipped lash studio will prepare you to successfully launch and grow your lash business. Remember that continuous education, practice, and dedication are essential for success in the competitive lash industry.

As you embark on your journey in the lash industry, remember that continuous education and practice are key to mastering lash mapping techniques and achieving flawless lash extensions. If you're eager to delve deeper into lash mapping, styling, and learning what it takes to give every client a set they love, I invite you to explore my ebook, "The Art of Intention: Mapping, Styling, and the Wispy Top Line." In this comprehensive guide, you'll learn the principles of consultation, analysis, mapping, and styling, empowering you to create personalized lash designs that enhance your clients' natural beauty. Whether you're a seasoned lash technician or just starting out, "The Art of Intention" is your roadmap to mastering the artistry of lash extensions.

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