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about: the artist

While her interests in beauty and wellness have manifested themselves in various ways over the years, one thing has remained constant in Melanie's career — vision. Trends come and go, styles go in and out, but the vision for Muse has always been built on the belief that beauty should be a timeless experience unmarked by virality. At muse, it takes a form of self-care which simply enhances the subtleties that are already there. The goal after each session? To get you one step closer to becoming your own muse.


After obtaining a BA in Media & Communication Studies from UMBC, Melanie worked as marketing director at an Ohio-based aesthetic surgeon's office. Finding that her preferred path involved more creativity and hands-on work, she began freelance product photography. Her love for skincare grew exponentially throughout this process, until she finally decided to become a licensed esthetician and start Muse.

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