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half lash extension set

What is a half set?

Half set lash extensions are the Full Set's little sister. They are applied primarily to the outer halves of the eyes and very sparingly in the inner halves; for blending purposes. The half set is a great alternative for clients who...

  • aren't comfortable with lashes in the inner corners

  • are mainly interested in the elongation of their eyes

  • want an effective shape that is still soft and light

  • constantly touch/rub their eyes

  • are unable to lie down for a full set (2.5 - 3.5hrs)

Here are some FAQs:

If I want an open/doll eye, can I still get a half set?

No. The half set is only suitable for those interested in a cat eye or natural eye effect. Clients looking for an open/doll eye shape are not great candidates, and should instead opt for a full set.

Are there styling options?

Yes. As with a full set, styling is still completely customizable. Whether you'd like an Angel set, an Artemis set, or anything in between, density and texture level is tailored to your preferences.

How do fills work?

This depends on your natural lash cycle and your preferences for maintenance. Given that there are less extensions applied, more frequent fills are recommended. A mini fill every 1-1.5 weeks is standard; however, if you'd like to go longer in between (and you have a fast lash cycle), you have the option of booking a new half set each time. Note that at least 40% of the extensions must remain for the service to be considered a fill.

What if I decide I want a full set?

If at any point following your initial half set application you decide you'd like a full set, we will book your next session as an extended fill to give us enough time to lash all of your bare lashes.

Can I wear mascara on the inner half?

No. As with lash extensions in general, mascara on the lower lash line is allowed as long as appropriate cleansing procedures are followed; but please refrain from applying mascara on the upper lash line under any circumstances.


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