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MICRO COURSE — Content Enhancement and Aesthetic Building

First impressions are everything, and in the digitally dependent world we live in, they often occur through a screen. As business owners, particularly those in the beauty space, we know by now that having a social media presence is essential in itself; but the quality of the content posted, and the way in which it all fits together as a representation of each of our specific brands is becoming just as crucial. Posting ill-conceived, low quality content is merely not enough to have a competitive online presence in our rapidly growing industry — we must curate content that expresses the care that we have for the way we present ourselves and our work, and thus our level of diligence and professionalism. This micro course will walk you through the methods used at Muse to capture, retouch, and edit content that is visually appealing both on an individual scale and as a part of a whole. While it is geared towards lash content, specifically, the techniques explored can effortlessly be applied to any content depicting human subjects.


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