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Luxury Lash Extensions in Brunswick, Ohio

While there are endless lash artists to fill the demand for lash extensions, not every lash artist is going to be a good match for every client, and vice versa. There are many things to consider when finding the right artist for you and your needs, so here is a comprehensive guide of what you should be looking for when deciding on a lash artist to work with.

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First Impressions and Professional Demeanor

If the artist has a website and/or is active on social media, how do they present themselves? What is their tone of voice? Do they seem passionate about their work? Do they prioritize educating their audience on their services and aftercare? Do their policies seem fair? Do they present themselves and their work in a professional manner?

These are all important questions to consider when finding a new potential artist, and they are often answered during first impressions. An artist who is clearly passionate about what they do; whose demeanor is kind, open, and professional; and who takes the time to educate existing and potential clients about what goes into both the service and its aftercare is an artist who will more than likely provide a quality service.


Eyelash extension prices vary tremendously from artist to artist. In my opinion, quality lash extensions are something that should be splurged on. The health of your natural eyelashes and eyes should not be played with! Higher prices often indicate that a lash artist has a higher skill level and quality training (sometimes multiple) under their belt.

This is not to say that all lash artists who charge less are not skilled. There are many amazing artists who unfortunately undervalue their work and therefore don't charge as much as they should. It is definitely possible to find a good quality artist at a decent price; just be weary and do your research! Read reviews and, if you can, try to get a peek at what their retention looks like!

A good rule of thumb when it comes to lash extension pricing? Expect to spend at least $100 on a full set. Be diligent if you happen to consider someone who charges less.

Quality Customer Service

Customer service is an important part of any business, and it's no different in the lash industry. Ensure that you're going to an artist who knows how to properly communicate, and who will take any questions or concerns you may have seriously. The client experience is a huge part of what makes a good lash artist exactly that—a good lash artist. The way an artist communicates their policies and answers client questions will say a lot about their character and how they conduct business.

Certifications and Licensing

In a general sense, the lashing industry isn't tightly regulated. For this reason, it is imperative that you go to someone who is licensed in either cosmetology or esthetics, and who is certified in lash artistry. Not all lash certifications are equal, however, so make sure you take a good look at their portfolio and client reviews to ensure that the work they are doing is of quality standard.

Client Education

An artist who is passionate about their craft and genuinely cares about their clients and the health of their natural lashes will make it a priority to educate their clients about how to take care of their lashes at home. Throughout the service, your lash artist should also be narrating what they are doing as they are doing it so that you are not completely in the dark about what is going on around you (unless you want to be! Lash naps are always encouraged!).

At muse, I verbally discuss aftercare with my clients (among other things such as isolation, adhesive, wrapping, and retention), show them how to cleanse and brush their lashes, and send them home with a complimentary cleanser and aftercare guide that they can always refer to if needed.

Client Experience

Apart from your natural lash health, your comfort should be your artist's highest priority! You're going to be laying down anywhere from 1-3 hours for every service, so you want to ensure that you're in an environment and position that's comfortable. Your lash artist should have a tidy space, clean blankets, and a gentle hand. Lashing should be pain-free! If at any point you feel anything out of the ordinary (e.g. burning, itching, or any other sort of discomfort) communicate that with your artist so that they can adjust accordingly. It could be as simple as adjusting tape strips or switching tweezers. Whatever it may be, the entire lashing process (both during and after) should 100% be pain-free and discomfort-free.


Proper sanitation is extremely important in all beauty services, but possible even more so for lashes due to proximity to the eyes. All tools and implements should be properly sanitized after each client to ensure that there is no transfer of germs between clients. Your artist should also always sanitize their hands prior to your service.

Something I often hear from new clients is: "It's so hard to find a good quality lash artist in Cleveland!" But after their service with muse, they can thankfully stop looking.

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