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The Best Lash Extensions for Small Eyes

Eyelash extensions can work wonders for various eye shapes—small ones included! Here are the two best lash extension mappings for opening up even the teeniest of eyes:

Doll Eye

volume lash extensions with a doll eye mapping

Also known as an open eye, a doll eye mapping (right) uses the longest extension lengths in the very middle to draw attention to the center of the eye. Placing the longest lengths right above the iris and having them decrease in length as they go outwards provides the illusion that the eye is larger than it actually is. To complete a set like this successfully, the lash artist must make markings with the client's eyes open. If you'd like a doll eye look and the artist doesn't take this step, be weary! It is of utmost importance that your set is being mapped out while your eyes are open, as not doing so can result in inaccurate emphasis points and and "off" looking set.

Kitten Eye

A kitten eye mapping, which is sometimes referred to as a squirrel eye mapping, uses the longest lengths at about the three-quarter mark of the eye; typically under the eyebrow arch. It starts with the shortest lengths on the inner corners, increases until about three-quarters of the way in, and then drops back down a bit at the very ends. This draws attention to just the edge of the iris, and gives the illusion of a more open eye in a diagonal sense. Dropping the lengths at the very end draw attention away from that portion of the eye, allowing all of it to be drawn to the emphasis point below the brow.

Lash extensions can be modified in a million ways to fit each and every client. While style, shape, and mapping is all subjective, it is important for both you and your artist have an idea of what will work best for your specific eye shape.

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