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Eyelash Extensions in Brunswick by Muse Artistry — Brunswick's Luxury Lash Studio



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services include: classic, hybrid, volume, and mega volume lash extensions

Image of Melanie, the owner of Muse Artistry, which is a lash studio in brunswick, OH

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what is lash artistry?

Lash artistry is just that — artistry. It is a form of creative expression in which an artist meticulously and intentionally applies extension fibers onto individual eyelashes to enhance what is already there. The natural eyelashes are the canvas on which the artist works, and you are her muse; she must take into account your unique features and anatomy, and carefully consider them as she works to create a set that is harmonious with these features, as well as with the result that you are looking to achieve.

Muse provides luxury lash extensions that preserve and maintain natural lash integrity. They eliminate the need for lash curlers, mascara, and strip lashes, allowing you to effortlessly go about your life and be your own muse.

why Muse Artistry?

Versatility and Intention

Melanie, the artist at Muse, holds a deep understanding of lash styling. Gone are the days where extensions of a single length are applied across the entirety of the lash line; using various lengths, curls, diameters, and most importantly, knowing how to use them intentionally is extremely important for any advanced artist to be able to execute a lash set flattering for any given eye. Melanie's skillset and continued education gives her the ability to provide a versatility in styling that is not easy to come by. 

Thoughtfulness and Collaboration

Simply put, you will be heard. Too many times, clients come in with horror stories about how a previous artist just didn't listen to what they wanted. At Muse, extra time is taken to ensure that both you and your artist are on the same page before you even lie down — it is all collaborative. Taking into consideration what you are looking for, she will map out your set with your eyes open while you are sitting up, so that you can rest on the lash table assured that the finished result will simultaneously be what you asked for, and complementary to your features.

Healthy Lashing and Retention

During the application process, natural lash health is Melanie's number one priority. This means that clean isolation is used, and that the extensions are carefully applied to each natural lash in a weight that it can comfortably hold. Healthy lashing techniques and intentional application create lash sets that stand the test of time, and remain full even until fill time.

Client Education

While great retention is mainly on the artist and her application, a small portion of it is attributed to aftercare. For this reason, Melanie makes sure to educate every single client on best practices for aftercare, and even provides a complimentary travel-sized cleanser to each new client so that they can properly care for their lashes at home. 

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